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This Association is for certified Let Your Yoga Dance Instructors

The Let Your Yoga Dance Teachers Association is dedicated to connect, support and inspire teachers. We share a vision to bring health, joy, light and depth through a unique combination of yoga, dance and the chakras. As in life there i s no standing still; inspiration and growth is necessary. We would love to hear from you with your ideas. Please contact Irena Blethen LYYD Teachers Association Manager.

As a member you will have access to the full video version of each dance PLUS many more.



Membership Includes:

Calendar of Upcoming Events – if you have an event/workshop list it here.
Teachers Profile Directory – listed on the Teachers Association & on letyouryogadance.com  A great resource for students to find you or if you need to find a sub.
Current teacher training music resource sheets – find out what music is being used in current (& past) teacher trainings.**
Ready Made Classes – hour long classes ready to use.**
Dance Moves – wish you could remember a dance you saw? Check out our videos and/or submit your dance moves/ideas.**
Chakra Music – need to find a song for a certain chakra? Find it here.**
Inspiration – what inspires you? Read and/or submit what makes your heart sing.**
Photo Gallery – submit photo’s of your LYYD event, check out newest graduates.
Business Resources – dancing om logo (gif or jpeg) file, insurance info.**
Newsletter – find out what’s happening in the world of Yoga Dance. **
Discounts on selected workshops. **

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Membership Fee $75.00 USD per year. To join - see side bar KEY CONCEPTS.


 Megha-Nancy Buttenheim,MA,E-RYT     Tiina Kivinen                Irena Blethen

          President & Founder                       Teacher Trainee               Exec Mgr LYYD & YDTA



Let Your Yoga Dance for Special Populations



ABOUT MEGHA-Nancy Buttenheim, Director

Megha-Nancy ButtenheimM.A., is the president and founder of Let Your Yoga Dance: Grace in Motion®. An international presenter and corporate trainer, Megha is a 27 year teacher-trainer at Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. She is also a faculty member at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Guanacaste, Costa Rica and Kind Yoga School in Cape Cod, MA. She brings her passion and expertise as a lifelong dancer, actress, singer, yogi, and educator in experiential learning to all her workshops and trainings.

Presently Megha leads both Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training and Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu Center. Creator of the popular Introduction to Yoga and Meditation programs along with her weekly class, Let Your Yoga Dance for Parkinson's, Megha also directs Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training for Special Populations. Her mission, for almost 30 years, has been to bring “Healing through Joy” to the world while demonstrating that “Everyone is a Dancer.”

Megha is the creator of two yoga-meditation CDs

Moontides, All Levels Yoga, Chanting, and Meditation

Power and Grace, A Dynamic Yoga Flow co-led with Devarshi – Stephen Hartman

Animal Songs, Megha’s music CD of original songs about animals, a favorite with both little kids and grownups.




For teachers & practitioners of many backgrounds: yoga, dance Kripalu YogaDance, physical therapists & bodyworkers.

There are thousands of people who yearn to move their bodies, dance, and do yoga. The elderly, people with Parkinson's, MS, breast cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's, and others with special needs may be prevented from moving as freely as they would like. YogaDance in a chair is a fabulous workout, a delightful experience, tempered for each students needs, that provides therapeutic benefits on all levels: physical, mental emotional, & spiritual.

In this training, you will learn how to:

* Work with special populations

*Create movement sequences from a chair

*Provide a rich, complete & powerful YogaDance class for someone who needs to stay seated

*Use the chakras as the foundation for each participant

Megha Nancy Buttenheim has successfully used YogaDance in a weekly class called Let Your Yoga Dance for Parkinson's in Richmond, Massachusetts. Join Megha and learn to lead YogaDance in (and sometimes out of) chairs for people with special needs.

Recommended prerequisite Let Your Yoga Dance weekend program with Megha or Teacher Training.


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The Let Your Yoga Dance Teachers Association website is such a valuable resource that I cannot imagine not joining! Just to be able to look in on classes any time I want in order to learn moves or brush up on them is fantastic. There is so much inspiration for me as I watch not only the beautiful teachers, but all the people dancing around them. I don't know how I would build my playlists without the help of the chakra music lists and the ready made classes. A must for new as well as experienced teachers. My gratitude for this rich store of knowledge & support goes out to Megha and Irena. If some year hence you do not get my renewal check, you can assume it is because I have gone on to teach Let Your Yoga Dance at that great studio in the sky! ~ Barbara Arnett, Front Royal, VA

The Let Your Yoga Dance Teachers Association is an incredibly valuable resource.  Before my first class, I watched the dance videos over and over. There is so much helpful information on that amazing site! Between Megha's wonderfully written manual (my bible) and the Let Your Yoga Dance Teachers Association website, I am definitely covered! ~ Janie Glidear, Warren, New Jersey